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Batavus Sparta C1/C2/C3 hendel/handvat

Vanaf € 11,50
Batavus Sparta C1/C2/C3 hendel/handvat

Handle Sparta and Batavus Emotion C1, C2, C3

The handle of the e-motion models is for removing the battery from the luggage carrier. This handle can be folded open so that you can take out the battery with this handle. Liver-Sparta-Batavus-C1-C2-C3 It often happens that the handle of the sparta and batavus battery breaks off. Mainly by turning off the batteries. (this also indicates wear on the battery pack). When overhauling, we replace this package for high-quality cells that do not expand. Once the lever is broken, it is difficult to remove the battery from the battery with this handle.  

New reinforced lever for the emotion C1, C2 and C3 battery

Is the lever or your Batavus or Sparta C1 / C2 / C3 battery broken? We have this handle in stock. We deliver this at a small price, so that your battery looks like new again! This lever is a lot stronger than the original lever supplied. You can order this with free shipping, but we can also assemble it for you at our address.
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