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Bosch Powerpack 300 / 400 Classic Line

Bosch Powerpack 300 / 400 Classic Line

Bosch Fietsaccu Powerpack 400 Bagage Revisie

Bosch Fietsaccu Powerpack 400 Bagage Revisie

Bosch Fietsaccu Powerpack 300 Bagage Revisie

Select the desired capacity.
Bosch Fietsaccu Powerpack 300 Bagage Revisie

Bosch Bicycle battery 300 Revision

Bosch Bicycle battery 300 Wh Powerpack Performance Line, Active line Luggage battery. Suitable for the performance line and active line models from 2014. The bosch engines are used in many different types of bicycles.

Nice to know: The range of your Electric Bosch bicycle battery

It is of course nice to know how far you can get with your electric bicycle battery. This way you will not be faced with surprises. The distance that you can travel with your bicycle battery is what we call the action radius. We have taken various factors into account in our calculation . It is therefore possible that you can cycle more kilometers than indicated. But also less because, for example, you use the bicycle differently. Note:   Revision is possible but only with existing electronics. If the print is no longer working, revision will unfortunately not be possible.

Features Bosch Bicycle battery 300 Wh:

  • Model: Bosch Performance Line, Bosch Active Line
  • Plug & Play
  • Luggage carrier battery
  • Suitable for the performance line models from 2014
  • Type number: (0275007532) 0275007514

Why have your Bosch batteries overhauled by KWS Seuren:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Short lead time of one week
  • We only use the best quality battery cells

General information

If you want to know what our revision is, we refer you to our revision page. On this page you will also find further information about the use of your battery. We provide a two-year warranty on the overhaul work. And even after these two years we advise you to come back if there are problems. We always want to investigate what went wrong. If it is up to the battery or our revision work, we will also be lenient after that year. Your battery and charger are examined for function and condition: this must match your complaint (s). Theoretically, the problem can be in the bike and then revision makes no sense at all. This check is free of charge.

How does it work?

  • Select the desired capacity
  • Place your order
  • Receive a shipping label by mail
  • You can return your battery free of charge to a  PostNL location
  • We check your battery and charger for the complaints mentioned
  • After revision we will send your battery back to the specified address.
Reservation There are batteries where the electronics "communicate" with the bicycle. In some cases we may have to inform you that your battery is not eligible for revision, even though the battery did something before you returned it. In some cases we can replace the electronics. We also always test the operation of the charger before and after the overhaul to ensure that everything works. However, it is possible that the charger cannot be checked in advance because the battery is too bad. It is therefore possible that we check the charger after the overhaul and only then notice that it is defective.
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